We've been with Kaseya for almost 4 years now.  We are thinking about getting LabTech.  Any advice?  Does mobile management work? How is patch management? What doesn't work in LabTech that is suppose to? 

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If you are looking to switch off Kaseya and get into a platform that has a lot  of powerful automation you should check out N-able. the latest 9.0 v


Go for it, and don't look back. I did.  Happy to discuss.

MDM is soon to be greatly improved with geo-tracking, but basic right now.  Release is out any day now.

Patch Management is logical and scalable.  I haven't looked at K's offering in some time so I can't comment on how it is now, but it was a pain when we had it.

There have been bugs and there have been a few rough support spans of time, but things have been ramped up and improved greatly over the past year - great account management, great support, and looking forward to a great release!

The interface of labtech is really the only thing I really don't like that much - we use Macs, and it's a Windows App.  Lot's of ways to work around that these days though, and the cost/functionality/support differences combined with the whole culture of Labtech and their strong connection to connectwise make it a no-brainer.

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