Prevention is always better than cure... due to this we are looking for something to provide extra web security to SMB clients....

We have looked at SAAS providers but they seem expensive & noone will sell you a "block of users". You seem to have to have an individual agreement for each client you want to add.


Has anyone come across a provider that is different in this respect?


Due to the above we are considering other options such as a barracuda box which we can split & link to multiple Active directory sites....


However - it is expensive. Does anyone have any suggestions - in my mind the UK market is probably not quite as mature as the US on this so maybe someone accross the pond can help!


Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Not sure if I entirely understand what you're after. Are you just trying to filter junk from your client sites' web browsing, to prevent spyware and etc.? There are numerous devices that can do this. We have been using Netgear UTM appliances lately. We also set up OpenDNS frequently as a way to eliminate junk and perform some basic filtering. (Yes, I understand OpenDNS doesn't fit the strict definition of a "filter", but it does get the job done).

Is this what you're talking about, or are you looking for more full-featured filtering (e.g. who visited what site, etc.)?



Fundamentally to filter spyware etc. web content filtering as an option but we dont want to put a UTM appliaance on site. I know the barracuda web filter 610 will allow us to do this for about 500 concurrent users.

If anyone knows of any SAAS providers who allow block purchase of licences for MSPs to chop up that would be useful.





Harry, we utilize OpenDNS.  Open DNS allows us to create networks for each client and apply a set of filters that are unique to each client as well as bypass codes for those that need authorization to sites that get blocked.  When we began using this a little over a year ago, we reduced the number of Malware Threats to the environment by half.  Definitely worth looking into.

We've had mixed results with openDNS, though if they could get it to where it was truly effective that's the easiest implementation.

And you are right, most of the other SAAS web security vendors don't get the MSP approach.  Plus most require weird proxies, or onsite hardware, and then you have issues when people roam with laptops.

We've just had to pull a cloud barracuda "install" - it was taking web traffic from ATL to LA and then out to the net - they were constantly having BW issues.

Being able to identify the top talkers or the users that are trying to go to the malware sites is another great feature most lack - tying in with Active Directory is great.  I've only seen a couple vendors do that.

I think ultimately have an edge security appliance on premise that ties into a multilayered cloud security service will be the best balance (watch cisco for an interesting announcement later this year).

In talks with Cisco's ScanSafe.  They will sell you a block of users for you to do as you will. But:

They are not currently setup with a true MSP pay per month per user model, but they do seem friendly to the idea.

If enough people are interested it may speed up them formulating an offering.

Kyra Miller is a Business Development Manager with Scan Safe.

Kyra Miller (kyrmille) <>

I'd like to keep this thread active.  I currently use Sonicwall UTM appliances.  I've always wanted to find something different for web filter/reporting because their Viewpoint and GMS software is horribly bloated.

Now that Sonicwall is being bought by Dell, I'm not really interested in the appliances anymore either, so am looking for an alternative there as well.

I'll look at the Netgear products as listed above, but my concern there is that many customers have preconceived notions regarding Netgear products.

I also think that Cisco's approach to the SMB market is lacking, will probably steer clear of them.

We are in market trials on the new Cisco SMB UTM.  It's targeted date is late summer.

It is looking good and the price point good and the ability to provide value added services around it good.

Rather than leveraging all 3rd party stuff like they and others presently do, Cisco is using as much of their enterprise ASA tech in this offering as possible.

Stay tuned. 

I was horrified that Dell bought AppAssure. Dell at least has decent taste in the companies they acquire, but I think they will scare off new customers as well as alienate old customers. 

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