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                       What is your honest input on LabTech Support?

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My opinion of LabTech support is mixed. I've had them come through and respond quickly to help me when I needed it. I've also had them leave me stranded for a couple days with critical issues.

It certainly isn't the level of support that I provide to my clients. For example, I've given up trying to call them on the phone, and just send emails now instead because I know phone isn't likely to be any faster than the 12 to 24 hour response time I've come to expect from them.

Ultimately, the support isn't what attracts me to LabTech. It's the software. I'm still very happy to be a LabTech client. 

I've got mixed opinions here as well.  I tend to get quicker responses via email, however, many of the responses seem to be canned...i.e. - a reply to a problem may simply be, here is the link to the guide, or something similiar.  They many times do not take the time to address the actual problem.  Because of these email responses, I sometimes spend a week or more trying to get a legitimate question answered or problem resolved.  Another real problem I have found is the lack of follow-up on open tickets.  I believe some of this stems from the automatic closure of their tickets after 3 days.  If they fail to respond to your open question, then the ticket gets closed and ends up never being addressed unless you follow up.  I do believe they have a lot to work on.  I've been getting my support from third parties lately and seeking answers on the forums and reaching out to the community.  I hope they improve in the near future.

Jeffery I've had the same experiences with the support. I've had plenty of tickets opened with LabTech and no response back for days, weeks, and months. I would like to find out what third party companies are you using for alternative support for LabTech?

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I am currently engaged with a company called Stack Advisors.  Bill Stucklen is the Owner and Brian Kingley is the Service Manager.  Contact Bill at 720-523-3420 and let him know Jeff with Networks of Florida referred you.  Hope this helps.
Pikachu said:

Jeffery I've had the same experiences with the support. I've had plenty of tickets opened with LabTech and no response back for days, weeks, and months. I would like to find out what third party companies are you using for alternative support for LabTech?

Thank You,

Wow, the MSP game amazes me. These vendors are supposedly providing us tools to support our customers effectively, efficiently and proactively, but their support SUCKS. Don't get me wrong, LT support is very good once you get them to actually work on a problem and is 100x better than Kaseya but getting to that point is a nightmare. We are only 2 months in and every single ticket we open is like a clown car of responses until I get crappy and they resolve within minutes. We seem to only get responses to tickets about 1:30AM EST but nothign else during the course of the day. Our reports didn't work remotely but worked on the server, they sent me a "fix" that broke them completely, then it was almost a week before the 10 minutes resolution was completed.


I'm sorry to vent, but I expected more, especially during the intro period and especially since I mistakingly paid for the installation services.


Hi All - 

Erinn Davis, Community Manager for LabTech here. I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know we hear you and I apologize for any frustrations you are having. Here is a very detailed response from Michael Johnson, our Director of Worldwide Client Services. Please feel free to reach out to any of us with future questions or concerns. 


Good Morning Everyone,


I want to thank each of you for this feedback on our Support, its ups/downs, and the improvements each of you feel should be in-place to make this better. We agree, and have some things in the works already to bring these things together very soon. I also want to provide a bit of clarity into why you’ve come upon a few of the noted roadblocks – and again portray how they’ll be eliminated very soon.


Our Support model is break/fix, and a large amount of the requests are actually training and/or consultative questions. The other piece is that the majority of our requests received are with little or no details of the issue, the steps taken before/during/prior, and are very often more along the lines of “monitors broken call me”.. This makes scaling and implementing solid structural guidelines very difficult. Not impossible.


The following things are being implemented in the coming weeks, to coincide with our 2012 Release, and change the face of our Product and Support Utilization.


  1. Our Out-Of-Box experience will be based solely on the best practices and end-user perspective from A-Z. The upgrade, migration, UI, and functionality has been revamped to be as user-friendly as possible.


  • The 2012 release itself will have the greatest amount of testing, planning, and lifecycle movements in LT history.


  • Structured On-Boarding of ALL new Partners. Training – Implementation – Support.  Currently we do not “require” online completion of our Training materials. The Partner then walks into Implementation green to the product, and is expected to provide how they want the product configured; since they’ve not cracked the book – they’re not properly prepared to answer that question, and end up utilizing Implementation for both Training and Configuration – which is not the intention and not as effective as separate pieces that are focused and detailed. Finally, they move to Support who is focused on fixing broken items; and they’ve never been properly on-boarded thus far – and then utilize Support incorrectly as well.


  • A large amount of our most volatile Partners have committed the above actions verbatim. Often purchasing, pushing off Implementation, forgoing training, and attempt to implement on-site 3 days later. Everyone is setup for failure in that scenario.


  • A large portion also expect a true turn-key solution from A-Z, with zero configuration, administration, or onus on their parts whatsoever. Level setting this behavior is challenging because we want the Partners to be successful and provide aide when in need – but the expectations are misaligned and beliefs of “what should be done” run rampant.


  • We are very diligent in our effort to close this gap, and realize this is something we MUST fix to create a successful experience for our Partners. As well as our Services teams currently working to improve.


  • Internal Training – we are conducting advanced and on-going training for the Support and Services teams as a whole on a weekly basis. All Boot camps and external training are vetted internally on our teams first. We are enhancing our relationships with our 3rd Party Vendors as well, because this area could use some attention as well. I have a monthly call with each of them personally to review, discuss, and improve.


  • Partner Portal – one of the challenges mentioned earlier is an inability to properly funnel and qualify Partner requests in a standardized manner. As of this morning, I’ve been testing and beating up our Partner Portal in it’s Beta form.


  • The portal will be a centralized place for submission, review, communicating, on your Support Requests. It will display our current Queue times, current Categories receiving the most inquires, and our SLAs for your specific request, and of course priority definitions. You will be able to expect a return communication type of your choice, and the time which it will be provided. We want to eliminate assumptions and provide transparency as much as possible.
    • Direct Email Support will be utilized for informational purposes only. Documented “canned” responses will only be provided when this medium is used for Support.
      • (not including communications on current tickets)
    • Requests are received and qualified prior to an Engineer assignment based directly on your details and menu choices increasing velocity towards resolution.
    • Tickets created via the Support Portal will be adhere to our SLAs, and will be handled directly by L2 Engineers at all times.


  • These pieces will eliminate the hurdles currently in the way of our Partners in need, and get you directly with a upper level engineer very quickly.


  • Partner Resources – Our Training, Implementation, and Documentation Teams are coming out with in full-force for our next release, and our University, Online Docs and Videos will be in place prior to GA.  Our Services Administrator, Lindsey Rivera is in charge of continuous updates of our Knowledge Base Articles already being added daily, as well as our FAQs, Known Issues, and of course the LT Forums.


  • Partner Certification Programs (LTCP) – Q2 we will launch our complete Partner Certification program to allow your teams to become certified in various areas of the product or the entire product as a whole. This will of course come with privileges upon completion such as: Direct access to upper level Support, included entry into Beta Programs, discounts, and much more…


  • 24/7 Support Coverage – we will be moving to 24/7 by early March at the latest  to provide more comprehensive support for our global Partner base.



I can go on for another hour or more, and a few of you on this forum posting that I can get long-winded when it comes to our future goals and plans for success. I’m also very familiar with Brian Kingsley and team, and agree they are a great resource as well.


It’s very important to us that messaging like this is heard by us and acted upon appropriately. The level of frustration each of you noted is something we will never avoid, dismiss, or wash our hands of in any way. Going forward, if any of you, or anyone else need assistance on issues that are not being handled in the manner in which you expect – and deserve. Please utilize the following contacts immediately to get things take care of properly.


As an added measure I will be personally contacting each of you to find out if there are any immediate items we need to get taken care of for you.


Discussing LT Issues with other LT Users - - our Forums are a great place to work with and communicate directly with other LT Partners, and are constantly updated, managed, and reviewed by the entire LT organization. This is a great resource for ALL things LabTech.



Fastest Means of automatically contacts myself, our Support Manager Sean Harris, and our Customer Services Manager Bill MacDonald.



Direct Contacts


Bill MacDonald

Manager, Worldwide Customer Services



Sean Harris

Manager, Worldwide Support

Support: 877.522.8323, option 2


Daniel Jones

Implementation Project Manager



Michael Johnson

Director, Worldwide Client Services


There you go!  To say there hasn't been a few growing pains over the past year would be disingenuous, but our previous RMM who shall not be named never reached out directly to try and make things right. 

This year is looking to be a BIG year for Labtech - with lots of great stuff planned (and nearly out) and a lot of the frustration should dissolve pretty quickly.

I hate to beat a dead horse here, but I wanted to shout out that I'm frustrated yet again by the poor quality of support that I receive from LabTech from time to time. Here's my interaction from earlier today:

Hi guys,

I need to export a list of customers, customer locations, and contacts for use in another program. I presume that even if there isn't a built-in function in Labtech to do this, that there's an SQL script that somebody else has developed somewhere. Any advice on the best way to do this? I'm not really wanting to retype everything.

LabTech's response:

Hello Justin,

Thank you for contacting LabTech Software Support. Unfortunately Support can't assist you with this request. You can check the LabTech Forums and see if there is an answer there and also you could contact consulting at and click on the contact us tab. I apologize for any inconvenience. Have a good evening.

Well, I did go on the forums. Thanks to my fellow users, I discovered that yes, LabTech does have an export function built in. I suspected it might. How hard would it have been to say "Yes, LabTech has an export function... click on System Dashboard, then click the Export tab"? Instead, I'm made to feel unimportant, even though I send these guys a good chunk of money every month.

Last year, I told two other MSPs about LabTech, and they're LabTech customers today as a result. Myself, I'm still happy buying LabTech for the features. But I'm no longer the huge fan I was. Which is sad, because it probably would have only taken 1 or 2 hours of decent support over the last year or so to keep me a raving fan.

Justin, we have experienced the same. Here's my concern. We've been ConnectWise customers for about 3 years now and not only have we been pleased with the program, but the support has been fantastic. I'm not sure if due to the merger or what, but CW support seems to be going the way of LabTech. The thing that STILL annoys the living crap out of me is we will go an entire day without hearing anything, then we get a barrage of responses and "questions" during the overnight hours. What's worse, is they misunderstand the ticket or issue, reply with something that doesn't help at all, then close the ticket. That's bush league helpdesk management there. Close them as fast as you can and worry about it if the user reopens the ticket.


Thanks to your post I re-read Michael's response above and I had to laugh. I went back through my old Kaseya emails and found about 5 of the same emails from their higher-ups and we all know how that turned out. I don't think anyone on this forum has any misconceptions about the complexity of helpdesk management, but I expected to see immediate, even though small, improvements. - I haven't received my contact call as promised either.


Just an addition - I emailed them about the Mac beta client (since this again was a factor for us buying LT) and the response I receieved was to sign up for the beta program (or whatever its called). I did - no response. Month 4 without mac support and we've now turned to LogMeIn to support them.

Thanks Matthew. I think you've hit the nail on the head. Support often misunderstands the issue, and then aggressively closes tickets before the issue is resolved.

I too am "signed up" for the Mac beta program. I had forgotten I never got a reply to that signup form!

LabTech is fighting a few battles resulting from very rapid growth.  We are working to get well ahead of our growth curve on all fronts (software, docs, support staff and etc.).  The issues get worse when we experience a peak in ticket volume, like we are experiencing a peak right now.  I have authorized support to hire over capacity, so we can respond better during peak volume.  I can see from the comments from @matthew and @justin that there are two specific areas we need to improve irrespective of growth or volume:

1.  Institute better processes for escalation for our support engineers that are early in their learning curve. 

  • Our level ones need to do more research before responding to questions like yours.  When I search on Google or on our support site for exporting clients from labtech, there is documentation on how to export client information.  They should have done a quick search and found a place to point you.   

2.  Find holes in our support processes (I can see that there is some improvement needed in our beta process @matthew) and fix them. 

Trust me when I say that we are constantly improving and growing toward being the best software company in the world.  We take support and feedback on our support VERY seriously. 

What I ask for our community/partners is keep doing what you are doing:

  1. Keep giving us feedback like this, so we can address issues and improve processes. 
  2. Be a little patient with us as we add improvements and staff.  We cannot change overnight, but we are working very hard to improve very rapidly no matter how advanced we get our support team. 
  3. Do a couple searches in the docs and try the solutions before submitting a ticket.  Let them know when you submit a ticket that you already tried implementing the instructions in docs X,Y, and Z.  Our procedure is to look up the docs in level one and send them to you as the first step, so if you say in the ticket you tried them, they will not send you back to them.

Feel free to chime back in on this thread if you feel we have improved or if you are still experiencing issues. 


Matt, CEO LabTech Software

I have a great response with LabTech support, especially when we have a critical issue/outage.  Like any support organization I imagine they are having to balance critical outages with how-to's and questions about the product.  Another thing to consider is that the LabTech platform is huge and widely customizable.  Because of this, it's my opinion that Tier1/2 support is probably are not going to understand the context and application of certain questions.  Also, since LabTech provides direct access to the MySQL engine, and they allow people to write their own plugins, really just about anything is possible.  Tier1 might not know of the ability todo something, but later on a LabTech client will figure out how todo it.  The way I see it, we are working with Tier1/2 together to expand news ways of "what is possible in LabTech".  This, in our opinion, is one of the best parts of LabTech.  Though, depending on what you are trying to accomplish, it can increase the learning curve.

I know that LabTech has made fantastic improvements in the 2012 release to bridge the gap between the out-of-the-box experience while maintaining the full flexibility and power of the LabTech system.  Never the less, I highly suggest bringing your challenges to these boards and the LabTech support forum where as a community we can discuss the problems and solutions.  Also, this gives LabTech a chance to see the challenges we are discussing on the boards and incorporate those topics into their support training.

If I were to suggest one thing for LabTech todo, it would be to dedicate more technical support resources to be active on their Support Forum.  If LabTech had people dedicated to this task, and these people would response to forum posts in almost real-time, I think the learning and knowledge sharing on both sides of the relationship would be fantastic.  These learning's could be taken back internally to LabTech's support and shared with the different Tiers.  The closer a support organization gets to understanding their clients the smoother the whole thing gets.

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