Labtech Malware Bytes MSP Install, Activate and update script up on the WIKI

If you are a Malware Bytes MSP subscriber you can now enter your license information in Labtech and enjoy a single click deployment to your customers.  Check out the link on:

Note: Malware bytes removed command line scripting from their free tool. This script is for the paid version.


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What's pricing like on their MSP product? Nothing listed on their site--
I am not aware of there pricing and have been attempting to engage them in a formal relationship. I encourage everyone to email them and ask for official integration with Labtech!. :)

Email them at

i've tried numerous times to contact them for pricing and have been unsuccessful.

any others had luck?

We purchased almost 2000 MSP licenses from them. They were responsive for almost 3 months -- now we can't get anyone to return our call.


We've actually been fixing our Malware issues by moving to NOD32 bundled with Labtech.

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