Is anyone actually using this?


The instructions to install are INSANELY complicated, and nearly impossible to do remotely unless you are using another RMM tool to get access to the machine.


Anyone have any experience good or bad with it?

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Hey Ben


I was able to do it only by being at the machine itself using the current version - the mono partion about killed me. On a good note, I know first hand they are underway on a completly redesigned MAC agant. I saw the Linux version about 6 weeks ago and just today was told that they are activley working on the MAC version. There will be a SP1 relase for 2011 in the next week or two and then 2011.v2 will come in Q3 and you should have the new releases for both at that time. Both will include remote control as well as shell access so it will be a free for all when it comes to mnaging all platforms - great things come to those that wait.

Good info.


I haven't been able to catch any of your video appearances, but way to go!


Seems like we are always waiting... on something.

Check out the new native mac agent.  It is much more stable, does not require mono, and is easy to install.  Let me know what you think...  there is a linux agent as well.



This may be a dumb question, but, where can we locate this Mac client?!
It is in final release candidate stage.   I will have someone reach out to you and get you the information to download it.

First of all I want to say thank you Matt for your support and contributions.  We are very happy we are a LabTech partner.  You and your team are great to work with and we love LabTech.


We were testing the new agent.  I have not seen any progress on updates.  Maybe you can have them contact me.  So far the native client seems less feature-full than the Mono client.

Also, as far as feedback.  LabTech uses VNC in the RAW video mode, when remote controlling MAC/OSX.  This is just not realistic at all.  RAW mode is full 100% graphics with zero compression or optimization at all.  Even on a local network, remote control in RAW is horribly slow.  We need to be able to remote control MAC's.  What we have now doesn't work.  Not even in a pinch.  We continue to resort to LogMeIn for remote control.  Which isn't good.  It's another thing to install, manage, and train our staff to use.

Thank you

Matt -

I emailed support over a week ago - only to receive an email saying someone will get in touch with me.  However a week later I haven't received any contact at all.


Anyone in particular I need to talk to?


- Steve G

Matt Nachtrab said:

It is in final release candidate stage.   I will have someone reach out to you and get you the information to download it.

Hi Steve,

Our sincerest apologies on the delay with this.. We have had a flurry of requests and a bit back logged at the moment.  I’ve emailed support to re-check the request queue as there may be others we are back logged on.  

Regardless, I’ve emailed you directly on the instructions.  If anyone else that joins this string would like to register for our RC1 Mac/Linux agent field testing please email me directly  Please be patient on the response time as we are experiencing quite of a bit of interest. 

For now it is a controlled RC1 process working directly with our QA team (not traditional support) so we want to make sure we manage capacity, set expectations and provide a more focused level of interaction.. Dually noted on the comments on complexities, speed and other recommendations thus far.  We want to make sure we capture that (which I have and slipstream it into our feedback loop).  Presently we are calibrating internally to go more main stream RC1 (in terms of a call to arms for field testers for Mac/Linux agents) with a revamped fully loaded early adopter program/forum/documentation/downloads/etc.. This will be launched by Automation Nation next month which will give us the ability to better facilitate community collaboration/interaction directly with engineering on this and other early adopter releases/functions moving forward. I will put a registration link to the program on as well when we are ready with that.. Thanks for everyone’s continued support!  

Tony -

Thank you for the quick response!


I'm looking forward to installing the agent on my Macbook this afternoon.


- Steve G

Hey there LabTechs,

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up if you are interested in the Mac/Linux agent you can now directly register for our new BetaLabs program.  This will give you access to everything you need to install, test drive, and provide feedback on our Mac/Linux agent.  

The vision we have for BetaLabs is to enable early-adopter partners to try out native or integrated 3rd party technologies fresh from LabTech research and development teams.  It also gives our engineering teams the ability to respond and react to early feedback in order to shape our software in a way that meets the needs and expectations of the community.  Check it out by registering @:


Drop me a line if you have any questions. 

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