Is anyone else experiencing random agents dropping offline?


I have been struggling with it for over 4 weeks now, and Labtech support doesn't seem to be able to find a solution. I am getting really fed up with it now!

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I wish I could lend more advice but I run a hosted environment based on VMWare virtualization and in it I have 32 2008R2 servers and only 1 has had an issue with the agent reporting in. That box runs Sharepoint 2010 and rebooting it brings it back online for a few days and it drops again. Hopefully they can find a common item amoung the machines

Lucas Kowalczyk said:
I have already tried reinstallation of the .Net on some workstations, but it doesn't seem to help.
Additionally, when the problem affects one of the2008 R2 servers where dotnet is installed as a feature, and other software depends on it, reinstallation is not really an option anyways.

On another note, I have just finished another 2+ hours session with LT support. Although I do appreciate they help, they haven't really done much, and just kept jumping into conclusions based on assumptions. We are still in a complete darkness and there is no sign of progress...

I have seen your comments here and have spoken internally to the support team, they are advising me that your specific issue has been resolved and was due to an out of date installer. I would encourage anyone who is having problems to reach out to support, we are not aware of ANY bugs in this area with the 2010.1 release and we can get the necessary resources to work with you if you are still seeing issues.

If anyone wants to contact me directly my email address is


John Walker

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