Most of you may already know this, but we just released 2011.2.  It has some really slick new features and tons of bug fixes.  


I am curious what people think of the new tunnels and the speed of VNC and other realtime activities.  In the release we also have an AV dashboard, storage craft dashboard, and deployment dashboard.  These dashboards can be downloaded in the Marketplace.  The third major enhancement is in the reports.  We rewrote tons of reports and included them with this release.  


You will find them much easier to read and the data more useful.  I would appreciate any feedback (positive or negative) on the key features in this release.  


We are in the process of planning the next release over the next few weeks, so any feedback can be incorporated in our planning process.  


Here is a link to marketing information about the release:

Here is a link to the overview video:

Here is a link to the detailed release notes:

Here is a link to the upgrade instructions:


Thanks in advance for any feedback on the release.



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Hey Matt, congrats on another release!

I love your product. It's not without problems (which I occasionally gripe about!), but I still love it. A lot. Your competitors call me pretty regularly. I always tell them "not interested, I'm too happy with LabTech" A major reason for this is Veron's App-Care product. It's a great illustration of what can happen when you're open to outside companies building an ecosystem around your product.

One way your company could improve is communication. I was wondering when the next release would come, and had no idea there was a new one out. Off to read the release notes! I'm especially excited about the possibility of a VNC that actually works. I still integrate LogMeIn for every single machine I put LabTech on. Why? Because in general, VNC sucks. Hopefully this release changes that. :)

I looked into you account and it looks like your account status was accidentally set to the wrong value.  This was preventing communication to you.  Sorry about that.  You should start getting regular communication soon.  I think this is why communication has been weak to you as we send out all kinds of emails about LabTech.  Do you get the monthly newsletter?

Let me know what you think of the updated connection with direct tunnels.  Couple other items regarding remote control:

1.  It looks like we might have a way to automatically register the Logmein across all machines.  this has not been fully vetted yet, so it may not work.  We can get you involved with this as the R&D team nears completion

2.  Would you be willing to pay a little extra per machine or per technician if we oemed or partners with another platform?

Hi Matt,

First let me start off by saying that I love the product and this is our third and hopefully final RMM tool. I am not writing this to complain, I just want to help improve the product and this is one reason why I took the bullet and was part of the Beta program. In regards to the Tunnels we are having serious issues with them working and really don't see the benefit of them. VNC freezes on us all the time and will not respond. It is a big enough deal that I won't bring any other Clients on board until it gets fixed or until I can find another remote control tool that wont cost me an arm and a leg. We are basically having to drive around a lot more than we did before this update. The problem that we are seeing is very random but of course it seems like it does not work when we really need it the most. We had these same issues when we were Beta testing but it always seemed like everything worked great for everyone else and that it always pointed towards a problem on our side. We have checked the ports on the firewall over and over again and have tried just about every suggestion in the book but our problems never went away. It might still be a problem on our side but all I know is that it worked great until the update.

Other than these issues we really see a lot of potential with LabTech and really want to make it the last RMM tool we will ever use. We are crossing our fingers that these VNC / Tunnel issues get resolved.



I am sorry you are having issues.  Support will be contacting you this AM about your tunnel issues.  We have not heard many complaints yet and there are about 350 partners on the new version, so I hope it is something specific to your environment.  Regardless, we will diagnose and fix the issue asap.  We treat VNC/RDP outages as mission critical.  


We to are have a ton of issues with the tunnel always failing.... I am in the middle of a ticket with support now and they have asked us to check the ports that I told them were already open. When you tell someone "hay we followed the documentation on the 2011.2 upgrade notes" you don't expect someone to respond "hay did you read the deployment notes?"



Hi Matt,

Thanks for the reply. I did hear from an account manager today and I replied back by email with more details. I have not heard back yet but I am hopeful that we can try to get this resolved this week. Today was a really rough day, my Techs are ready to jump out the window and we are on the third floor! Today we only were able to do 3 remote sessions and did a lot more driving than I would like. I will let you know how things go.


J Dunn - If I may ask, what kind of firewall do you have? Support was hinting at me at one point that there were some additional changes to my SonicWall that we had to make but none of them made any difference for us.

Cisco, I have also seen issues being reported with watchguard as well. Although those are UDP scan issues with the watchguard being a little to touchy...

If you are having an issue with tunnels, there are settings in the system that can be used to temporarily (a single connection) or make the system default to the old way of connecting, while we troubleshoot the particular issue you are experiencing.  Here are those instructions from support:

Another thing that can be done is that you can disable the new tunnelling method entirely and rely on the older method of redirectors.
1) To temporarily make a connections without the tunnel, when you are clicking on the redirector command hold down the ctrl key, this will force it to start legacy.
2) To globally disable the tunnels, you can go to the dashboard, config, configurations, properties tab.  Add an entry called DISABLETUNNELS and set it to TRUE.  Then restart your control center, now the tunnels will not try and start.  This will disable the tunnels by default on all control centers on your LT server.

I am having issues with the tunnels as well.  We have disabled them for now.  Ryan...we are using a sonicwall device as well.  We have created firewall rules and NAT policies.  I would be interested to know what additional changes tech support recommended for sonicwall equipment.


I am consistantly having to reconnect to vnc to get the mouse input to work.  After I close vnc then reconnect it works fine.


Also, is there a file transfer in this vnc?  I used that all the time in the last one.


The AV Manager isn't working for me either.  the installation path didn't get entered into the database - so I cannot fix it as its not even there.  Tech support hasn't replied to me in a week.

Steven, I followed up internally on getting you on the Mac beta. Sorry about the delay.

I looked into your ticket on the av manager. It looks like you guys were going back and forth on Friday. Were you getting emails from support around 730 am et on Friday? Maybe they are going to spam...

For the vnc. We are having some issues. We are working close with a couple clients. We switched to tight vnc in this release, but once we released, we have been having issues we did not see during beta, so we may switch back in a release patch. Speed, missing features and the connection issue you are talking about are all issues we are working to address. When I know morer from dev on the release of the patch, I will let you know. As of now the client we are working closely with is porting excellent remote connection speed results.



Thanks for hopping on!


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