Most of you may already know this, but we just released 2011.2.  It has some really slick new features and tons of bug fixes.  


I am curious what people think of the new tunnels and the speed of VNC and other realtime activities.  In the release we also have an AV dashboard, storage craft dashboard, and deployment dashboard.  These dashboards can be downloaded in the Marketplace.  The third major enhancement is in the reports.  We rewrote tons of reports and included them with this release.  


You will find them much easier to read and the data more useful.  I would appreciate any feedback (positive or negative) on the key features in this release.  


We are in the process of planning the next release over the next few weeks, so any feedback can be incorporated in our planning process.  


Here is a link to marketing information about the release:

Here is a link to the overview video:

Here is a link to the detailed release notes:

Here is a link to the upgrade instructions:


Thanks in advance for any feedback on the release.



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Hey Clint,

Just touching base, were you able to get the .199 patch?  Did they solve any of the outstanding issues?


I checked internally and there are no known issues with scheduling reports. Can we setup a time to remote into your system and take a look at what is going on?




Clint Davis said:

: Can you let us know what router you are using on both sides?  In-house we use a Cisco ASA 5520 on one line and Watchguard on our back-up line (different telcos) and have issues with both.  Our customer use anything from Linksys, ASA/PIX, to SonicWalls and all are experiencing the same connectivity issues.

2: If you have an advanced router, On the Control Center side make sure ports 40,000-41,000 UDP are allowed. Been done

3: Make sure you have updated your reports using the Marketplace - they are much improved and work great (I promise!). The problem is submitting a manual report  works fine it’s when you schedule the report with the same criteria the report is received but with none of the data?

4: Have you installed the 199 patch ( No – Will do this right-away!

Anyone figure out a monitor for the LTAgent.exe memory usage, so we can find offending machines?

Ok.  I figured out how to find offending machines in SQL.


"SELECT * FROM processes WHERE NAME LIKE '%ltsvc%' AND memsize>100000000"


This should list all computer ID's that have LTsvc using more than 100mb.

I was just about to post that same thing. 

Also, you could just create a monitor for it.

I contacted LT Support about the memory leak yesterday. They said they never heard of the memory leak issue with 2011.2 41.199.

I guess they don't eat their own dog food!

Has anyone else contacted LT Support about this memory leak issue?

We did but have yet to hear anything back. Again, we had a 2 servers with 6 Gigs committed to the LTSVC.exe process.

Here's my LT Support ticket number for the memory leak. - Ticket#1617212


Our LT Support ticket - Ticket#1612851

Hey guys,

We have only heard that reported a handfull of times and have been unable to replicate it.

Turning off the probe (if it is a probe) and restarting it should clear it - turning the probe back on does not appear to replicate the issue.


Before you do that though, I would love to have on of our developers take a look at the machine it is occuring on - while it is happening.  Would any of you be open to arranging that?

Thank you,


I have a monitor for this now.  It's happening on non-probe machines too.  Greg already has a logon.

Thanks Farzon, Ill touch base with him on it.


Farzon Almaneih said:

I have a monitor for this now.  It's happening on non-probe machines too.  Greg already has a logon.

For anyone dealing with this issue, a very easy workaround in the interim is to have a monitor that detects when the agent takes up more than 500mb, then have the action run a script.  Have your script download a batch file to the machine and run the batch file.  Your batch file should have two lines:

net stop ltservice

net start ltservice

By doing this you will take this problem and basically downplay it to a simple annoyance at best.


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