Most of you may already know this, but we just released 2011.2.  It has some really slick new features and tons of bug fixes.  


I am curious what people think of the new tunnels and the speed of VNC and other realtime activities.  In the release we also have an AV dashboard, storage craft dashboard, and deployment dashboard.  These dashboards can be downloaded in the Marketplace.  The third major enhancement is in the reports.  We rewrote tons of reports and included them with this release.  


You will find them much easier to read and the data more useful.  I would appreciate any feedback (positive or negative) on the key features in this release.  


We are in the process of planning the next release over the next few weeks, so any feedback can be incorporated in our planning process.  


Here is a link to marketing information about the release:

Here is a link to the overview video:

Here is a link to the detailed release notes:

Here is a link to the upgrade instructions:


Thanks in advance for any feedback on the release.



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I can tell you that this automatic-detection MTU change made the Tunnels 100% reliable for us.  We have been running this for about 2-3 weeks now with a team of techs (who love to complain).  My team is very happy with this update.  It is very solid.

Key things to consider for performance of tunnels:

Inbound/Outbound ports that need to be open on your side:

70-75, 80, 443.



Also, if you have a QOS/Traffic Shaping/ or VOIP setting in your firewall, configure ports 40,000 - 41,000 as the highest priority.  In our case, we also made this QOS setting in each of our client's Firewalls.  This wasn't needed for stability, connections are fine either way.  Though, once we made these QOS settings on our client's firewalls the performance of the Tunnels increased dramatically.

: Can you let us know what router you are using on both sides?  In-house we use a Cisco ASA 5520 on one line and Watchguard on our back-up line (different telcos) and have issues with both.  Our customer use anything from Linksys, ASA/PIX, to SonicWalls and all are experiencing the same connectivity issues.

2: If you have an advanced router, On the Control Center side make sure ports 40,000-41,000 UDP are allowed. Been done

3: Make sure you have updated your reports using the Marketplace - they are much improved and work great (I promise!). The problem is submitting a manual report  works fine it’s when you schedule the report with the same criteria the report is received but with none of the data?

4: Have you installed the 199 patch ( No – Will do this right-away!

Same boat with VNC issues, will try the patch when I get this week from automation nation

Go to Dashboard -> Config -> Configuration -> Properties and enter the following:

TunnelPort = 40000

TunnelRandom = 1000

Reload the critical services then close and reopen the control center.

VNC is faster in 199 and the above values fixed the tunnels!

Passwords in mysql are now a 41-byte hash with the v41.199 release.


We have discovered a major issue. It seems the LTSVC.exe is experiencing a memory leak. We have come across two customers, one running Windows 2008 Std. the other Windows SBS 2011, where LTSVC.exe is using over 6 Gigs of memory. This has caused one of our customer servers to crash. Is there anyone else here that has experienced this issue with the new release?

We contacted Labtech Support this morning and are waiting for an answer.

LT 2011.2 - 41.199

Are these agents set for Probe? What was the uptime on these servers prior to crash?

What we have ..

2008 R2 Ent. - ~700-800 MB (up time is 20 days)

Win7 32 - ~273 MB

Win 2003 - ~280 MB


one is set for Probe (WinSBS2011) the other is not (Win2K8Std). 20+ days on up time.


We have 1 agent that's using about 300MB. 21 Days up.

A few using around 200 MB.

A few more using around 100 MB. 

Almost all are under 100 MB.

Maybe do a .NET cleanup on those two and monitor? Just a thought.

Hey Ryan,

The first thing to check on the SonicWall is to make sure "Consistant NAT" is checked under the VOIP settings.

Check out page 33 on this doc:


Check out the doc, we are adding additional router information as we determine the correct config for each router.   One thing to note is that it appears you only have to have the firewall setup on ONE side of the tunnel.  So if you configure your site correctly, you should not have to touch each router.



Ryan Hanscom said:

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the reply. I did hear from an account manager today and I replied back by email with more details. I have not heard back yet but I am hopeful that we can try to get this resolved this week. Today was a really rough day, my Techs are ready to jump out the window and we are on the third floor! Today we only were able to do 3 remote sessions and did a lot more driving than I would like. I will let you know how things go.


J Dunn - If I may ask, what kind of firewall do you have? Support was hinting at me at one point that there were some additional changes to my SonicWall that we had to make but none of them made any difference for us.

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