I've been struggling with how to clear agents out of groups in labtech. It's easy enough to drag and drop in there, but there's no option to remove an agent from a group, or to empty a group.


The only way I've found to do this is to create a custom search that returns an empty result then set the group to Auto-join search with the empty search result and limit the group to the search.


This seems rather round about. Anyone else have any better ways to acheive this. Either selective removal of an agent from a group or completely clearing a group of agents.


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It is not a bulk solution but highlight and delete key or right click the computer under the group and select remove from group works fine.  Also you can come at it the opposite way and right click the computer under the client node and pick edit groups.


You cannot tag multiple agents by holding ctrl will clicking which would be handy.


Right click on the group and select any of the Data Views.

Inside Data View windows you can select multiple agents, and then delete (DEL key, or a rigth click option).

Unfortunately, you will have to click OK button once for each deleted agent. :/



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