Anyone have a pic of theirs they want to brag about?


Anyone using ConnectSmart or other widget based apps?


Anybody got anything this fancy: 


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Nothing to show but some notes-


Using connectsmart but overkill for me. The gauges I take advantage of most I built myself with PowerGadgets. Definitely worth a look, however.


Klipfolio looks awesome but harder to build in it. And it's $500/license.


I desperately need some sort of pretty PowerGadgets-type display for lists.


Bought a bunch of Dell u2311s so I can vertically orient them without off axis viewing issues.


I plan on creating some queries for ESET RA and Labtech as well.


Also was thinking of using one of these to create a more retro alert panel.

I wrote a script that talks to the labtech mysql database and presents a HUD that we have on our LCD TV.


The HUD shows: Server Name (blurred out), Green Face = Online, Red Face = Offline, CPU Usage, Antivirus State, Reboot Needed.


Currently working on adding some more stats when time permits, but so far the technicians like it.


Mike, that is really cool.  Are you willing to share with it with the community?  


Hi Matt, I have just uploaded the script to the HUD section in the labtech forum. :)

Thanks mike.  You the man!  I have someone here looking at it now on a test server, so I can see what you made in action.


Thanks again,


Hi Mike,


The main / official labtech forum... not sure if I have seen that, what's the URL.



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