Ex Kaseya user, now using LabTech... Any advice for me?


I just recently changed jobs.  I have been using Kaseya since K2 was released.  I now work for a company that uses LabTech.  Do you have any advice for me?

I replaced the only tech who was managing the companies business customers, and there was no changeover period, so I am crawling my way through learning LabTech.  Ours is a fairly new setup, and I don't think my predecessor had much of a chance to configure it much.

One thing I do love about LabTech so far is it does have a lot of automation right out of the box, however all the automated fixes were creating tickets/alerts/emails for things that I didn't need to know about (e.g. a service stopped and was restarted).  This in turn meant that there was a lot of noise, not information.

For now I have simply turned off the ticket notifications (as I am not using LabTech's ticketing yet).  I have edited the alert templates of important events (e.g. server not checking in) and configured it to email me.

Any general LabTech advice for an Ex-Kaseya user would be greatly appreciated!

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