I'm wondering if someone might be able to give some feedback in regards to the pain of switching from Kaseya to Labtech. 


What about changing all of the setups in Connectwise?


Also,  are there any resources that outline a feature by feature comparison?


Pros/Cons etc?





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Hi Rick,

If you open for a discussion, I think that I could provide some assistance. :) You can reach me at minzerillo@labtechsoft.com or 813.574.8287.

We just did it and are still working on it - happy to talk as well.

The switch in the VSA portion is pretty painless - the migration of KES and BUDR gets a little trickier.

770 229 9424 x100

Hi Rick,

We are going through it now. I can't give you a lot of specifics, but it has been going pretty well. I am blogging about it at http://k2labtech.blogspot.com

I think it is going to depend a lot on how many endpoints you are moving and the level of integration you have setup with CW. If you have one email connector for incoming tickets and the MSP connector syncing configurations it should be cake to make the switch. The CW integration stuff is pretty impressive.

You can also contact me if interested. We are finishing our Autotask to CW conversion while implementing LT and doing V3.0 testing at the same time. Needless to say very busy here but so far so good.
The LT switch on all Kaseya agents went pretty smooth. The basic default LT setup gave us good visability out of the box so that helped a ton. I have since been focusing on getting the Monitors set the way we want and writing scripts to automate many of the errors being turned up by the monitors. That is really the jewel to the system in my opinion. I love the automation aspect.

Contact me if you want more info.
Keving@unifiedsysmgt.com 678-935-9194

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